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All my life I had always been known as the “athletic one”. For the better part of my life, I had always been involved in some sort of strenuous activity whether it be more high impact workouts such as running or intense team sports like soccer. I had never approached working out as just another thing for me to check off of my to- do list for the day, but rather, a religious practice that I was lucky to even experience.

Heather1However, two years before I started Bar Method, I sustained an injury to my knee which greatly impeded my ability to perform my regular workout routine. In turn, I then started to gradually gain weight. Fast forward to me sitting at home one day, browsing the web, when I came across an advertisement for Bar. Soon after that, I decided to actually try it out and attend a class without even knowing that that first encounter would change my life completely.

I have to admit, I was intimidated at first due to the fact that I hadn’t really had a background experience in dance. On top of that, I wasn’t even completely sure I would like it or if it would have the same effect on my body that I was used to because it didn’t seem as high impact as all the other workouts I have always done. Be that as it may, after that first class, I was hooked. Not only had I found something that challenged my body and pushed it to its limits, but I was also having fun while doing it.

“At this point in time, I am the happiest and the healthiest I have ever been.”

~ Heather


Before I even knew it, I had lost 20 pounds in three months which was unheard of for me. My body completely changed because my muscles became leaner and more dancer like which has always been a form that I deeply admired. Not only did this experience change me physically, but mentally as well. It’s more than just a workout for me. It has become my lifestyle and more importantly, my one hour retreat from the stresses, trials and obstacles I face daily. At this point in time, I am the happiest and the healthiest I have ever been. It has also impacted my personal life because two months after I first started classes, I decided to bring my sister with me who, just as I thought, became completely enamored with the experience as well. Now, we attend classes together habitually which have in turn, made us much closer. I can’t imagine where I would be today if I had never encountered The Bar Method.