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I’ve never been an athletic person. I was always the artsy kid. My entire life you would be more likely to find me singing or painting than on a team or doing anything athletic related. I was the kid who would fake a stomach ache to get out of PE. My brief stint with ballet class when I was a kid was laughable. I’d never imagined in a million years I’d be as obsessed with a workout as I am with bar method.

holly1I’ve always been naturally thin but I never quite felt comfortable in my body. I was the queen of wearing jeans or maxi dresses when going out. I knew I wanted to try something to get more in shape but never could commit. I tried yoga, cross-fit, lots of cardio, etc but nothing stuck. My first try with bar method, in spring 2011, didn’t last more than two months either, actually. I loved it but I started as a full-time student at Art Center College of Design that summer and I let the excuse that I wasn’t getting enough sleep as it was be my reason for quitting. Anyone who knows this school can understand my pain.

About a year ago I decided I needed to give it another shot and I am so glad I did. I’ve found that an hour at bar method is more beneficial to my day than that extra hour of sleep. I used to have a lot of back pain and stress headaches but they’ve now faded away. I love and look forward to bar method as that hour just for me. After a bad method work out I feel refreshed, energetic and  have a clearer head. My most productive days always start with a morning class at Bar Method.

Don’t get me wrong though, it’s not an easy workout but that’s why I love it. If I’m taking the time to workout, I better feel it, haha. Feel both the burn when working out as well as the soreness the next day. One thing I love about bar method is that you are always able to push yourself to your limits and it never gets easy or repetitive. They switch up the exercises, keep you motivated to push harder and make it fun. All the instructors are amazingly helpful, knowledgeable and have great personalities.


Being a 5’11” girl, I’ve always been rather awkward. I blamed my higher than normal center of gravity for not being able to balance well or have much coordination. I blamed my disproportionately long legs for the reason I could never touch my toes. I actually never thought those things were possible. I’d never even been able to do the splits as a kid. The first time I touched my toes, first time I’ve done the splits and the first time I’ve been able to balance on one leg (without shaking or falling over) have all taken place in the past year thanks to Bar Method. I also feel comfortable in my body and a bathing suit for the first time in my life and even just purchased my first pair of shorts (in the past decade) the other day. It’s nice to hear compliments such as “fit” or “ripped” rather than just “tall” or “thin” for the first time as well.


I am now more toned, flexible, coordinated, strong, energetic, confident and have better balance than I ever have. They also took a girl who had spent maybe a 6 months total working out in her whole life and turned her into someone who goes 5 or 6 times a week. I love Bar Method and couldn’t recommend anything higher!