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I mentioned to a friend in January of this year about wanting to start doing more for myself physically besides my daily run. I wanted to work on being stronger and more toned, but I have never been a weight lifter or gym rat. I was starting to have some lower back pain from the impact of running as well. I suggested Pilates and she said, oh no, you have to take a Bar Method class with me. Nothing prepared me for my body’s response to that first class. I was feeling muscles I had never felt before, my abs included.

Now almost a year later, I feel like a new person. I am stronger, more toned, but also more aware of myself, my posture, the way I carry myself in my regular life. After a lifetime of sitting at the piano, I had terrible posture, lazy shoulders. Now, I am always thinking of my carriage, my breathing…all the time. I realize The Bar Method has become more than just a form of exercise, it has become a way of being for me.



“Now almost a year later, I feel like a new person.”

~ Chris