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The best place to start my story is at the bottom, which is exactly where my health was headed before I started going to The Bar Method. I was the heaviest I’d ever been, out of shape and very unhappy & self-conscious about my appearance. And it isn’t like I didn’t try to prevent ever being in that state. Like a lot of other clients, I’d tried other forms of exercise, joined a couple of gyms here and there, sustained injuries and sort of just stopped working out altogether.


But then it got to the point where that was no longer an option for me – Not after a follow-up appointment with my doctor, where she informed me that my lab results showed that I might be pre-diabetic. I knew I wasn’t super healthy, but hearing that I was possibly pre-diabetic still came as a complete surprise (even though I’d had a desk job for about 11 years, while leading a mostly sedentary lifestyle and pretty much eating whatever I wanted). The good news for me was that this wasn’t final and diabetes didn’t have to be my fate. Prior to my glucose test, my doctor referred me to a dietician and told me to get serious about exercising regularly. And though I knew it was necessary, I still dreaded adding exercise to my daily routine.

Enter The Bar Method. Going in, I knew nothing about it or barre exercise, in general. One day, my cousin mentioned there was a studio in Pasadena and that I should check it out. So I did. I didn’t even do any research on it, like I normally do with any new thing I want to try. I was desperate to find something (ANYTHING) I could stick with. Stepping into my first class, I had no idea that I was about to be introduced to my one true fitness love.

Jemae2And I can attest to what a lot of other reviewers have said about The Bar Method: It truly is the first and only workout I’ve ever actually loved. I’m about to start my 3rd year at The Bar Method Pasadena and I’m still fully committed to it. It’s a multi-faceted workout that draws attention to those often forgotten I-didn’t-know-you-were-there muscles, and I’ve yet to grow bored of it. My main reason for taking these classes was to simply be active and healthy. I wasn’t expecting the other benefits that came along with it; Like a body I could be proud of, a happier & more positive outlook, confidence, an outlet for daily stress and overall strength – who doesn’t want that? Also, throughout the past two years, it’s become a source of new and valuable friendships. I know it sounds corny, but it’s encouraging to have that solidarity, knowing I’m not the only one willfully showing up day after day, week after week, for a good butt-kicking.

You’ll be happy to learn that after 3 months of regularly practicing The Bar Method, I had my glucose test and my results came back normal. (YEAY!) Since starting I’ve lost nearly 25 lbs. and gone down two dress sizes – which is a HUGE victory. I honestly think that finding a workout that I a) enjoy and b) am continually challenged by, brought awareness to & discipline in all the other areas that concern my physical fitness (like my eating habits and stress management). It’s safe to say that The Bar Method was the starting point I needed in my journey to good health.