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I’ve never been a particularly large person, but after two kids and years of fairly sporadic exercise, I was “soft”. I had no muscle definition, a weak core, and had mild but almost constant back pain. A family trip to Hawaii was my motivation for getting fit. One evening in October 2010, I took my first Bar Method class with Kelsey. Because I have a dance background, I assumed I wouldn’t have too much trouble with the workout. Oh, how wrong I was. My legs shook so much that I thought they’d fail altogether. After class, I stumbled down the steps from the studio and nearly fell into the alley. But I was back for Mason’s class at 6:30AM the very next day, and I’ve never looked back.

No other form of exercise that I’ve tried has motivated and inspired me the way Bar Method does. I was surprised at how quickly I saw and felt the changes in my body: Hip bones! Triceps! Dancer’s dent! As my core strengthened, my back pain vanished. Though I’m not naturally flexible, my flexibility is now the best it’s been since high school. One thing I love about Bar Method is how the work actually gets HARDER as your form improves. There is no plateau; you can always work harder, stretch longer, get lower, lift higher. The instructors are amazing. While it’s nice to hear praise and encouragement, I like hearing corrections just as much because the better my form is, the more I’ll get out of the class. Bar Method truly is a transformational workout.


“As my core strengthened, my back pain vanished.”

~ Kris