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I’ve tried kickboxing, weight training, the gym life. I even trained for, and ran a half marathon. Nothing has done for my body what Bar Method has. I began going to Bar Method about a year and a half ago. Within the first three weeks I noticed that my butt was literally higher. I kind of tried keeping up a few times a week, maybe missing a couple weeks here and there I still saw results, but I feel like I’ve seen the most dramatic transformation over the past few months.


“The sense of accomplishment and the results are worth every early morning.”

~ Rachael

I challenged myself to take class four to six days a week, it has really helped me push myself.  Its shocking how many of my friends and family have noticed a difference in the way I look. I’ve lost about twelve pounds without trying to “lose weight”, and dropped a jeans size. Although sometimes I want to give up every moment of class, the sense of accomplishment and the results are worth every early morning, and every second of dropping an inch lower when I just want to quit.


The instructors are amazing, they encourage and push me to do what I really am capable of, even though sometimes my brain says no. I feel stronger, healthier, and I have more energy. It’s such a hard workout and I doubt it will ever be easy, but the progress week by week keeps me coming back.