About Our Studio.

The Bar Method emphasizes sculpting more than other bar workouts by targeting the muscles that play the largest role in changing the shape of the body. Its blend of intense strength work, attention to good body alignment and exceptional teaching has created a devoted following among its students. The exercise system is appropriate for a wide age range and a variety of body types and the exercises can also be specifically modified to meet the needs of many clients including pregnant women.

The Bar Method Pasadena was opened by owners Liz Gayed and Kate Kuo, who were long time friends prior to their business partnership. Explains Liz, “Kate and I discovered The Bar Method in 2004. We became addicted to the numerous health and wellness benefits that we experienced.” As Kate puts it, “We traveled from Pasadena to West Los Angeles almost every day of the week to perfect our technique and eventually decided that we needed to bring this phenomenal workout to the San Gabriel Valley.”

Since we have opened, we have been so pleased to be part of creating a positive community of men and women devoted to fitness and witnessing the success of our students.  Our staff strives to provide a warm, welcoming, and supportive community where our clients feel inspired to strive to create their best selves, physically and personally.

“We want our clients to feel inspired to create their best selves, physically and personally.”
~ The Bar Method Staff